It’s 5 – 5 – 5 months in one (post)

I should go back and see how many times I’ve started a post with “I’ve been slack.” This one may take the cake, though – it’s been nearly 5 months since I’ve bothered to blog. Part of this is the problem of it building – not only do I post on the blog, but I put pictures in the gallery, and list projects on Ravelry. One or two are not a big deal, but once you’ve gone a month or more, it gets to be daunting and you put it off – and off – and next thing you know, it’s the end of January.

So here’s a post that’s mostly pictures – but you’ll get the idea.


Mark goes bald – all in one day. Actually, it was for a really good cause – he had his head shaved for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which raises money for children’s cancer research. In the end he raised $690, and spent several weeks being mistaken for Mr. Clean.


Also in September, Mom’s cousin Dori was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. They held a benefit to raise money for her treatment and for her family. I made lace scarves out of Noro Kureyon and Silk Garden.


The bottom one was actually one of Mom’s Christmas presents, but this is the only picture I got of it.

In September we also took a family trip to the beach (with the MINI club), and celebrated Shea’s 18th birthday. Sniffle, sniffle is all I have to say about that. During our trip, I worked on a pair of socks for a sweet lady (Donna) in the MINI club. These are my first pair out of Berroco Sox, and I must say I loved it.


I also knitted some boot socks for OtherMom, who along with Dad has recently moved to the NC mountains, where they actually get snow. These Cherry Tree Hill DK socks should fit the bill quite nicely.


I finished the socks to go with my orange sweaters – Lorna’s Laces Gold Hill was the winner, and it was the Sockapalooza 4 pattern (I think – don’t quote me on that).


At some point in September, I also started the Mystery Stole 4. More about that later.


October is mostly a blur. The MINI club took a trip to an alpaca farm (gotta love it when you can combine interests!). I came very close to kidnapping this sweet girl and bringing her home with me.


Sometime in there I finished up Mark’s Gentleman’s Fancy Socks, made with a Trekking Pro Natura. Another great yarn – washes up beautifully.


Somewhere in October I got tickled by the top of my washer and dryer on laundry day – now that there are 2.5 wool sock addicts in the house, we’re running out of drying space!



November was busy, full of play practice, mountain trip, and a new roof.


Of this roof, I can say four things:  it was time, it was expensive, it made for a very noisy 2 days at home, and it was worth every penny.  We had weeks of driving rains in December, and my kitchen would have been a disaster.

And I can’t forget to mention frantic knitting for birthdays and Christmas:

Mark’s Happy Feet Footies – knitted during our trip to Fontana – it was a slightly rainy, cool weekend, but the leaves were still beautiful.


At some point I finished up the Mystery Stole, which by now had decided that it’s fate was to go live with Grandma – I knew she would love it. Yarn is Malabrigo in color Molly (I think), with 1000+ beads hand-knitted into it.


As anticipated, Grandma flipped over the stole!

I knitted socks for Mom and Lee for Christmas:

Great Adirondack Silky Sock – pattern is Mockery


Happy Feet – basic ribbed pattern (in size 13!)


I made fingerless mitts for Sarah’s birthday:


(thanks to Jennifer for modeling) – Sweet Georgia Speed Demon, Berry Hill pattern (and enough yarn left over to make a pair for me!)

and socks for my sister for her birthday:


2×2 ribbed socks, Mama E’s C*Eye*Ber Fiber color English Roses


December came and went in a flash – we had Mom and Lee in for Minnesota – visiting for Hayley’s play and my birthday, and the rest of the family here for the play and for birthdays. Hayley had a principle role as the Minstrel in Once Upon a Mattress. The play was phenomenal, and H had a great time, and did a fabulous job. If you haven’t seen the play, the Minstrel and Jester are the main narrators, with several parts of the narration sung. Here she is with the Jester:


In mid-December we got the sad news that Dori had passed away.  She was young, with pre-teen and teenaged children, and it was a sad loss.

By the 3rd week in December, the big girls were home for college, and we had Christmas break. It was busier than usual, and definitely noisier than usual, but we had lots of fun. Holly was “bored” – nothing to study, and her computer was broken, and she needed something to do, so she asked if she could knit something. I said sure, and we found some yarn, and she knit a 7-foot striped and ribbed scarf in 3 days. There was enough yarn left, and she made a ribbed beanie.


Then she needed another project. I took the girls to the yarn store, always an expensive thing to do. Shea picked out 4 gorgeous yarns for a scarf (I’m still waiting for her to send pics, as she took it back to college), Holly got yarn for a beret, and Hayley got yarn for a scarf and legwarmers. Here’s Holly’s beret:


It was much bigger to start with – too big and floppy, and we tried to hand felt it, with no luck. We decided to throw it in the wash machine and see what happened – and here it is. A bit smaller than planned, but really cute, and Holly loved the idea of felting. This was a common sight around our house during the month that Holly was here:


That still wasn’t enough – she ended up making another beret-type hat and another beanie before she left.


I made her a school colors scarf, and a pair of socks (of which I apparently didn’t get a picture):


The “M” is for her school name.

I finished up a pair of socks for me in Sweet Georgia Boheme – the pattern is Simplicity from the new Eclectic Sole book.


I got an awesome Christmas gift from my husband – a beautiful sweater chest for the end of our bed, made by a good friend of ours.



I made a sweet pair of booties for Zoe, my new niece-to-be, due in June. Her mom and dad refuse to dress her in pink, so I figured green was cute, and thought it would be fun to give them a baby present WAY in advance.




Just before the end of Break, the girls went to see my sister for a photo shoot. Brenna is an awesome photographer, and she shot well over 100 pics of them. These are some of my favorites:





We are so blessed!

It’s now January 20th, Inauguration Day. I had taken the day as a personal day, as it was a teacher workday – it would have been ½ a day of meetings, then I would have left for a doctor appointment. As it turned out, it snowed last night, the workday was cancelled, and my doctor’s office is closed. Of course, the roads are 98% fine, but that’s how it usually goes. Hayley was disappointed that we didn’t get as much snow as Shea did in Charlotte – they got 3-4” and campus was actually closed today.

One more thing before I go – many of you out there know Alison, designer and knitter extraordinaire, and one of the best people I know. She has been truly sick these last few weeks, beyond anything I can comprehend (if you want details, they’re on her blog), and I’m asking for your prayers for her. There’s a running joke in the comments on her blog that God must be getting really tired of hearing her name, there are so many people who love her and are praying for her. Alison – we love you, and hope that you recover soon!

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  1. Wow! Lots of neat pictures–I love the fence one best. The chest is gorgeous as are all the projects. I guess I have to get Holly to show me her knitting–great beret! We’re just lazily hanging out here–a little shopping after lunch and Holly helping cook dinner. We convinced her she needs to be able to cook a couple things to get a boyfriend! Love, Mom

  2. Wow. I had no idea you said that when I came over here to come tell you that your socks were much admired by several nurses. They couldn’t believe that a friend had actually KNIT me SOCKS. By HAND. And they were gorgeous.

    I wore them and wear them with great pride and gratitude. And after nearly three weeks, I am home home home from the hospital and so glad of it.

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